I feel so frustrated today because I didn't have a great mock test grade.

I was so rarely reading English articles in the past that I can barely understand what the main idea was told.

However, when I finished the test today, I failed 15 of 40 questions total in 60 minutes.

I think it was good to finish in limited time, on the other hand, I was not able to get better points with my current ability.

What I want to tackle this problem is that to do mock tests as much as possible.

I can feel I am making a progress with those exercises I did. 

I believe that I can achieve my goal on the day I take IELTS.

Also, here are what I want to do:

1. Enjoy English movies with English subtitles.

Every night I enjoy the movies which motivate me learning English and recap the vocabulary I have learned in IELTS mock tests.

Also, it helps me get used to speaking English in an English circumstance.

2. Recap vocabulary in IELTS

The same vocabulary has shown over again and again. I am confident that I can memorize all of them.

3. Set a target

My target is getting the reading section band 9, which can help me have IELTS average 6.5.

4. Oxford guide to English grammar 

Finish the book, understand all the grammars, apply them in the writing sections.

To conclude, I am writing this to record my progress in 30 days before the test.

I am looking forward to seeing how I perform on the test day.

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